Too lazy to clean? Go to Bikewash

What seem normal to car drivers on Saturday to go to the car wash came true in Munich with a fully automated bike wash. So if you are too lazy to clean your bike here's what you will do in future: go to the bike wash on Saturday :)

My bike being washed. 

It took Stefan three years to figure out how to build a bike wash.  The reason he started working on a bike wash was that he was alway getting his suit dirty. One of the most complicated things were the brushes. The biggest brush manufacturer in Germany couldn't solve his problems. So he decided to develop the solution by himself with the help of a czech company.

Since 2011 the bike wash is operating in Munich. More than 1.000 bikes were washed in 2012.

The water is reused in a close water cycle and can be easily transported.
The rims are cleaned with ultrasound.

before the wash
after the wash

Here is the link to the website:
in Munich you can test the bike wash at: